Talisman Peace Pilgrimages

Journey in the Wilderness

The Shoalwater exercise area is a large and beautiful wilderness area north of Yeppoon and Byfield.

In 2007, 2009 activists – Christian, Buddhist and secular entered the area to intervene in the war-making that is the Talisman Sabre exercises.

The experience was transformative for those of us who tried it. In these videos and reports you can hear activists speak about how it changed them.

Video: The Bonhoeffer 4 in 2002

Video: June Norman and friends in 2007

Report: The Frisbee Five entered Samuel Hill Base in 2007


Some of us pilgrims, will again enter the war-making area to build shrines and reflect what it means to be in perpetual war.

  • You can enter into this site of preparation of war
  • You can witness as millions of taxpayer dollars are spent in our name in training young men and women to kill.
  • Put your body where you mind is:  Use the time to reflect, pray, study, meditate, further your spiritual and political practice.

If you are Christian
Come, follow in the footsteps of Christ into this Wilderness.

If you are Buddhist
Let mindfulness and the Dharma be your way

If you are passionate about the Earth and Indigenous Land Rights
Walk the footsteps of Elders, in some beautiful country wrongly taken from the Darumbal People who remain the traditional owners of this Land.

In this space: mind and body are one: the personal is political...

Christian Peace Pilgrimage as nonviolent action

The Pilgrimage has a long history in religious life. As does the nonviolent action.

Walk in Jesus’ Footsteps in the heart of Empire as the US military team up with the Australian military to conduct the largest single traing for war operations that the US conduct.You can walk there

Margaret’s reflections and evaluation on the Pilgrimage as nonviolent action

Building Shrines

As part of our witness we will build shrines of witness inside the war-training ground. You should bring small light symbols, photos, material and pictures that reflect and communicate your understanding of what is going on.

What to Bring

Bring what you would need on any short to medium hiking trip

Lightweight camp gear
Warm sleeping bag for down to 2degrees Celsius
small stove for cooking
reflection material
Good Compass
Telephone recharges

There will be very low cost bush camping nearby an entry point. [There is over 70 kilometres of boundary]

Come with a small group or partner; We will help team you up with friends.


You will be trespassing on Commonwealth land and will face trespass charges. If you present yourselves to the US or Australian military you will be arrested by military and State police.
In previous years people have pleaded guilty and non-guilty and received sentences on the low end reflecting good behaviour agreements and on the upper end fines of around $800 depending on previous experiences.