Morning Bulletin 23 June 2011

My goodness, another editorial, the second in a week!  This time it’s free speech converted into public nuisance.  Pity for Fraser Pierce that his opinion poll came out in my favour.

Morning Bulletin 23 June 2011 - editorial

And this is the news story that’s set to grow and grow, leading up to the Gala Ball and people’s open day.

Morning Bulletin 23 June 2011 - news "Cinderella can't go to the ball".

This is the second time the Morning Bulletin has reported an opinion that I am abusive.  Both times from a Council official.  This time highlighted by a subbie.  Hmmm, I detect a little editorial bias.  Here’s a picture of the event they refer to at Yeppoon Central – where I am being abusive towards Mayor Carter (or is that Vice Versa?)

I'm standing still. Brad's flapping his wings like a rooster. Because of this the Mayor calls me abusive.

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