I’m Glad I Did It!

I’m Glad I Did It! (your honour),


On Thursday 10 May 2012, in Rockhampton, my friend and colleague Graeme Dunstan and I fronted before Magistrate Cameron Press for a “hand-up” committal.  Going to the District Court for wilful damage of a “Tiger” attack helicopter.

Rockhampton Morning Bulletin 11-5-12 page 7 Love how Graeme dressed the courthouse in peace flags.

The police prosecution was poorly prepared (is that usual?).

Because Graeme was represented by someone technically qualified to sign his rights away, legal aid lawyer, Danny Yarrow, he was separated from my case…. And duly passed up the line.  Graeme Dunstan is now the responsibility of Queensland’s DPP.  Graeme is moving up in the world.

Because I’m representing myself, I’m deemed unqualified to sign off on my own rights like Danny Yarrow could.  I tried to concede.  Nope.  Mr Press is required by law to satisfy himself that a prima facie case exists against me.

Which he hadn’t done because of poor prep by the police prosecution.

Which he couldn’t do on the day because of time constraints.  Which he couldn’t do tomorrow or next week because of prior commitments in Emerald.

Come back in a fortnight.


Yes, I’m sorry.  You have to come back.  I have no choice either.

And so my case remains the property of the Rockhampton Magistrates Court until Mr Press checks out the evidence.

The next appearance is at Rockhampton Magistrate’s Court on

Thursday May 24 @ 9.00 am

One good thing about watching Graeme’s progress is to discover that the defendant, upon being read the indictable charges, is allowed to make a statement.

I think the purpose of that is to allow the accused to register an alibi.  Or protest innocence.

I’d like to register my satisfaction with a job well done.

Q/ “Do you have anything to say?”

A/  “I’m glad I did it”.   (Your Honour)


“I’m glad that for however brief a moment that infernal helicopter death machine couldn’t fly.  Couldn’t be used as a weapon.  In a time of depraved warfare in Afghanistan, and of military slavery to the US empire, I’m glad I made this witness to the prophecy of Isaiah and the promise of our saviour Jesus Christ.  We must disarm”.

Read about the Rocky Tiger Ploughshares action.

The depraved death machine. This is ARH 006 operational at Shoalwater Bay before encountering a garden mattock.


Meanwhile my co-accused, Graeme Dunstan, continues on the upward path …. all the way to Darwin.  read all about the Peace Bus mission to Darwin.