CIB Interview July 8 2011

Listen to the AUDIO file [external file online]of Bryan’s CIB Interview July 8 2011
Interview with Dtv Sgt Scott Ingram
Part 2 [the substantial part of the interview]

This interview is about an hour in length.

July 9  2011 : Media Release

Bryan Law Charged with Threatening to Damage Aircraft

Bryan Law was yesterday arrested and charged by Rockhampton police with threatening to damage aircraft under Section 24 of the Crimes [Aviation] Act 1991. This is a Commonwealth law. He has been released on bail after giving an undertaking to stay away from sites where US weaponry will be stored in the immediate future.

Mr Law said he was bemused that it had taken almost 9 months for him to be charged since he first made the Rockhampton airport manager aware of his intentions to undertake a “ploughshares” type action last year.

“My intention has always been clear: to disarm a US helicopter so that it may be removed from fighting and killing people,” he said. “I abhor this conflict that has seen thousands of Afghan civilians killed through the normal operations of war.”

“Machine guns mounted on a US Apache helicopter, possibly even one that will attend Talisman Sabre, killed innocent journalists and wounded children in Iraq in 2007 as shown in the “collateral murder” film which sparked the Wikileaks controversy.”

“Politicians have neither the moral courage nor the ability to stop this warmaking. At this time over 67% of Australians are against the war yet that would translate into maybe 2 votes against war in the House of Representatives. It is now up to the Australian people themselves to find ways to hinder the military and stop the war.”

He has temporarily agreed to bail conditions so that he can attend the Mayoral Gala Dinner.

Mr Law will be attending the Gala Dinner on Saturday night with his wife. He does not expect to carry out any ploughshares actions at the Ball.

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