Margaret Arrested Going to Ball

Whilst going to the ball, Margaret gets arrested.

Part of our campaign is to challenge Rockhampton mayor Brad Carter, who is a shameless advocate for turning Rockhampton into a garrison of the US Empire.  Consequently he’ll do anything to avoid engagement.  So he cancelled the tickets I’d bought to the Talisman Sabre ball.  For me and Margaret @$120 ea.

So we went to the entrance of the ball venue, and continued with our spectre of death theatre.

Spectre of death outside the Ball
Death stalks even the wealthy

Then Margaret contested her right to attend the Ball, presenting her tickets, and eventually forcing her own arrest to mark the event.  This will become a part of our anti-discrimination hearing down the track.  We actually tried hard to attend the ball – from which we were unlawfully, forcefully, excluded.

Those three never had a chance
You're under arrest

Eventually pleads guilty for expediency and fined $400:

Media Release for Court Appearance

Court Appearance for Woman Refused Entrance to the Mayoral Ball

25th July

Margaret Pestorius will appear in the Magistrate’s Court Monday morning for insisting on using her tickets to the Mayoral Ball on the 11th July.  She was charged with obstructing police.

“The police seemed to have given me an unlawful direction to leave the premises even though I had paid for and received tickets to an open public event”, she said. “The police can only give lawful directions – they do not have unlimited power to intervene with ordinary, everyday events”.

Ms Pestorius has a claim of discrimination on political grounds, which has been accepted for conciliation in the Queensland Anti Discrimination Commission regarding the refusal of the Rockhampton City Council to allow her to use her valid tickets.

It has been accepted by the QADC that she may have been discriminated against on political grounds as she is married to Bryan Law, who has been openly and publicly challenging the politics of war and military spending, and who was also excluded.

“Our intent was to attend the Gala Dinner as guests. We paid for tickets because we wanted the opportunity to mingle with the military, the City Councillors and other guests. We wanted to converse with people about the issues surrounding the use of Australian troops in US wars since no other community opportunities had been made available despite several requests. We had no intention of disrupting or ‘protesting’.

“Instead of asking us what our intent was in going to the ball, Evan Pardon, CEO, and the Rockhampton City Council decided we should be excluded.”

Our goal in Rockhampton regarding the Councillors and other politicians has always been primarily to discuss the issues. So far, not one public figure from any level of government has made any statement or discussed the role of the military in this town during the Talisman Sabre period – neither to a newspaper, nor to a public forum.

Nevertheless, Mayor Brad Carter continues to invite the military here, with no discussion, despite local concerns about US involvement in the Australian military and concerns about emerging US economic problems,” Ms Pestorius said.

Media Statement will be made following the court appearance.

Contact Margaret 0403214422

July 26 Tuesday, Court appearance, Report by Emma Mcbryde Morning Bulletin

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  1. No disrespect, but why is it ok for the queen’s garrison & english empire to still exist & to be illegally occupying our shores? No one seems to want to challenge the reality that we’re currently under illegal occupation of the garrison of the brits. Have we become too accepting of the seeds of racism and prejudice, which england planted on these lands? Get ride of the queen & other empires will follow.

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