People’s Day @ TS11

Thousands of Rockhampton residents attended an open day at the Rockhampton showground on 9 July, and we developed some reliable presence, and attempted some experiments with flash mobs and preaching.  We learned that Police were well prepared.  Only one entrance, with lots of scanning going on and access by police to ID photos of most of us.  Plenty of plainclothes officers inside with ditto on ID.

Jim Dowling detained for preaching the Gospel inside the showgrounds.

Balloons and the open street theatre outside did real well, and the single entrance meant everyone walked by us twice.  Kids loved the balloons as they were leaving.

Jeanette Yow Yeh enters people's day carrying peace balloons (web)

The group put together street theatre, singing, spruiking, with banners flags and stage design by Graeme Dunstan et al.  Here’s a couple of shots of the world famous “spectre of death”.

Simple, but effective
Going past the spectre of death at the only entrance to the peopl'e open day.

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