Bryan Achieves his Goal: Damages ‘Offensive’ Helicopter

Youtube footage – Exclusive to Win News.

MEDIA RELEASE Friday 22 July:

BRYAN LAW and GRAEME DUNSTAN held in custody for damaging ATTACK HELICOPTER
Contact Spokesperson: Margaret Pestorius 0403214422

Bryan Law 57 from Cairns Peace by Peace and Graeme Dunstan, 67 of Peace Bus have both been arrested and placed in custody after being allegedly involved with damaging a Tiger attack helicopter at Rockhampton airport yesterday.
They have been charged with 4 and 5 different offenses respectively. They will face court today, Friday, 22nd July.

The Charges will most probably be as follows
THREE Wilful Trespass [different Commonwealth Acts] as follows
1. Wilful Damage of a chain to gain entry
2. Wilful Damage under the Aviation Transport Security Act
3. Wilful Damage under the Crimes Act [Commonwealth] Section 29

ONE  Possession of Tainted Property [That is property used to commit a crime] regarding

1. a garden implement
2. bolt cutters
3. a camera

1 Breaking a Bail undertaking not to go near the Rockhampton airport [Bryan Law]

Bryan is relatively well and pleased that he was able to carry out a strong act of disarmament that signals his abhorrence for Australia’s ongoing involvement in overseas wars.
“I can sleep with myself and with my conscience during this abominable war. The Tiger helicopter is a malicious weapon – the same sort of attack helicopter as the Apache gunship the US’ers use. The main cause of civilian deaths is when helicopters misfire on civilians when searching out ‘insurgents’ in operations – this is why I chose this helicopter.”
The Tiger helicopter is worth $40 milllion: only 2/3 what Australian taxpayers spend EACH DAY on military equipment, operations and personnel.

Bryan had previously said that he would target a US helicopter, but the US has hidden their machinery away from the public eye during this TS11 – even Samuel Hill airbase has not been used for aircraft. This seems to be a direct response to the threat of protest intervention.

A mattock was chosen to evoke the imagery of Isaiah – that we should turn swords into ploughshares. The mattock is a garden tool that is usually used to prepare the soil for planting and new growth.

Graeme has been charged as an associate in the act and therefore with the same offenses.

Above all, both hope that others will find inspiration in their actions and seek their own ways of directly resisting this permanent state of war that Australia finds itself in.

Both are seasoned nonviolent and community activists. Graeme is a military veteran having trained at Duntroon. Graeme has been leading the Peace Convergence by sewing colourful flags, building lanterns and banners as a back drop for all nonviolent actions and protests that have been held.

Graeme’s flags and supporters will be at the court for visuals and for interviews.

Spokesperson Margaret Pestorius – 0403214422

You can see Graeme Dunstan’s website at

And this website for more information

I (mostly) love my day in Court!

Well, things aren’t getting any quieter around here.  I was arrested by Rockhampton CIB on Friday and charged with “threatening an aircraft” under section 24 of the Aviation (crimes) Act.  It’s an indictable offence carrying a penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment.  I’m to appear in Rockhampton Magistrate’s Court on Monday 25 July, which is real good timing for me.  Margaret appears then too, in relation to her arrest last night.

Peace Bro!

It was a bit confronting to have it happen on Friday, which was NAIDOC Day – a day set aside for doing solidarity work/relaxation with no actions or confrontations re Talisman sabre.  I suppose from the Police perspective now’s a good time to constrain me and impose bail conditions (or lock me up).  I’m proud of my truth-telling in the police interview – which you can find here:

(It’s a bit fiddly to download, but best we can for now)

Before I describe some of Yesterday’s events, I want to mention a memorial service held for WW2 US and Australian troops at a bush chapel just outside Rockhampton.  The readings referred to Isaiahs ploughshares prophecy, and to John 15:12 “love one another”.

Yesterday was major fun at the people’s open day for Talisman Sabre.  Police had an extensive presence aimed at controlling our behaviour, but the outcome gave us access to every citizen going in to the open day event.  I dressed up in a tuxedo, a death’s head mask, and the Bob Katter Hat, and held aloft a copy of the maimed child that Jim Dowling made a focus of the Pine Gap actions.  It was a real thrill to see how many citizens recognised and responded to my costume – and looked at the hideous picture.

Jeanette ans Sister

There was street theatre, peace balloons, participation from celebrated Darambul elder Jeanette Yoh Yeh, and a real good vibe as we put peace front and centre before war.  Jim Dowling was arrested for preaching the gospel, but was given a move-on direction rather than being charged.  Hundreds and thousands of mainstream people, and they ALL got the message. We did some media too.

So for me the prep work has achieved its aims.  We’ve created a genuine presence and debate inside Rockhampton before the war-games start.  Now we’re going to move on the direct action front.

Margaret Pestorius was magnificent last night as she forced the police to arrest her by insisting that she be allowed to use her tickets to enter the ball.  There weren’t any media there, but there were 15 activists, including two locals, who are prepared to undertake direct action over the next two week.  Margaret set an inspiring example.

I just want to go to the ball.

Things are going very well.  Stay posted for more news as it breaks.

How Hard R Helicopters 2get2?

Australian military helicopters at Rocky airport 28 June 2011. Folks told me the US helicopters get here next week. I'm at the meteorological station here, with one fence right where I am, and then a second fence 30 metres away, then helicopters.

Culley Palmer’s Letter: Requesting Prayers

From Culley Palmer:

Dear friends,

I am writing to ask for your prayers.

In July, the United States military will conduct enormous training exercises in Australia with the Australian Defence Force. Warships, submarines, warplanes, and soldiers will arrive. Invading shores and villages will be practiced. Bombing from the air will be practiced.

The U.S. war of terror continues. As I write, we are still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan and undeclared war in Pakistan, Yemen and Libya. Civilians are still killed and maimed by Coalition air-strikes.

One such air strike can be viewed as leaked military footage at

Civilian homes, schools, workplaces, infrastructure, and even weddings have been decimated by the U.S. bombs. These air strikes are a violation of human life, of international law, of morality, and the teachings of Christ to love our enemies.

Myself and a small group of pacifists are preparing to disarm a U.S. military aircraft while they are here in July. We will not harm or threaten people… See more

Activist Assigned Police Bodyguard

Celebrity peace activist Bryan Katter leaves this week's special session of Rockhampton Regional Council. Mr Katter has been recently pre-selected by the Australia Party as its candidate for the federal seat of Capricornia. Mr Katter is considered a national treasure and Rockhampton Police inspector Mel Adams said nothing could be too much trouble for the coming generation of peace activists. Mr Katter will address a public meeting at the Fitzroy Motor Boat Club on Monday 4 July. The theme will be independence FROM America.

Negotiating with Police

On Monday 20 June I was arrested by a rogue copper for spruiking on the East St Mall.  Three officers tried to bully and bluff me into moving on, but I was authorised by Rockhampton Police to be there, under the Peaceful Assembly Act 1992 and I stood up for my rights, then lay down for arrest.  Read the Morning Bully story for a small pic of the arrest.

On Wednesday 22 June I went back to the East St Mall, this time with Graeme and three media workers.  Inspector Mel Adams and Snr Sgt Ewen Findlator came along to examine my set-up and negotiate with me.  We agreed I had a right to be there.  When they wanted to further restrict the conditions of my presence, we agreed they should seek orders from a Magistrate – according to the Act.

It even achieved some discussion in a Morning Bully Editorial.  It was a great day spruiking, and here are some pics from it:

Bryan's spruik and Graeme's public space display at the East St mall, 22 June 2011
Negotiating, but is it in good faith?
Finally, getting on with it outside the Oxford Hotel (the publican wants me locked up. "Be patient" I tell him "It'll happen").

And finally, what happens when Police falsely arrest a seasoned activist.

Peace be upon you!

Media Reports – Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

16 June

These texts appeared after I “stormed” the Council chamber and confronted Mayor Carter. The reactionary bunch has re-emerged! Hooray! The personal abuse is a bit of a drag, but the tactic of confronting a (deeply unpopular)  Mayor will keep the story “hot” for the duration.

17 June

The story on the right is inaccurate on several key points. I was never abusive. I didn’t threaten to “bring down a helicopter”. I calmy explained how I was gunna try and smash one that was already on the ground. I’m taking the matter up with Editor Fraser Pearce, and looking for a retraction.

The story on the left comes out of the Senate Estimates Committee, courtesy of LNP Senator Ian McDonald.  Felicity Hill of Scott Ludlum’s office alerted us to it.  With Houston, Carter, McDonald and me all talking about Talisman Sabre and the war in Afghanistan – this might just be the beginning of a public debate.