ANZAC Eve Peace Vigil – Cairns

Margaret Pestorius, Trisha Gates, and Maria from Digger Street Art Collective organised a small ANZAC Eve Vigil at the Esplanade Cenotaph, in solidarity with the Canberra event.  20 or so showed up, mostly peace and social justice activists of many years standing.  Joseph Pestorius took these photos.

David Johnson tells a story
Geoff, Johnathon, Stu, Jim, Carla and Sue chat before the vigil
Peace Lanterns as designed by Graeme Dunstan
Margaret Pestorius plays a lament in front of the Cenotaph.
words from the original ANZACS speak once more from the Cenotaph

Those who attended were appreciative of the opportunity to restore a peace component to ANZAC Day.