HQJOC – the war-fighting centre of Australia

Headquarters Joint Operational Command

Just outside Bungendore, in NSW, right on the ACT border.

“This is probably the most secure location in Australia,” Brigadier Wayne Budd told the Sun-Herald Newspaper in 2008.


Google Earth photo of HQJOC


It certainly has a magnificent fence

Steel, concrete, razor wire, clear zones and lights. Part of the outer Octagonal fence of HQJOC


The main entrance of HQJOC, tailor-made for a protest action.


HQJOC is the command centre for whatever Australian military forces are active anywhere in the world.  Operations in Afghanistan are run from here.

There is a proposal to initiate NVDA towards this facility on 26 April 2012.  https://www.cairnspeacebypeace.org/?page_id=1358

That proposal contains and relies on a residential nonviolence workshop at the Australian Quaker Centre at Silver Wattle, about 10 kilometres from HQJOC as the crow flies. http://silverwattle.org.au/about-silver-wattle/  The workshop will examine possibilities for peak NVDA involving civil disobedience.  In addition to the residential workshop, it may be possible to organise a larger presence for a more low key picket at the facility’s front entrance.

Google map showing HQJOC and Silver Wattle







3 thoughts on “HQJOC – the war-fighting centre of Australia”

  1. It is a queer thing that rarely we may need a military who will defend us, but often we need rare civilian heroes to defend us from our military. i am mehull

  2. That HQJOCS fence looks a detention centre fence.

    Maybe we should become guards, take over the guardhouse and keep the ADF war criminals locked up within.

    What a service to peace in our times that would be.

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