Loving the US military

US AH-64 Apache attack helicopter

Hi groovers,

Page 2 of the Australian this morning really pissed me off.  It ran this story: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/defence/defence-set-to-give-us-great-military-access/story-e6frg8yo-1226130072045 US military forces being given use of Stirling Navy Base in WA, Darwin, Bradfield Training Area, Townsville Lavarack Barracks.  The deal will be signed by Defence Minister Stephen Smith (among others) later this month.

Next to the article was a photo of Defence Minister Smith, launching the book “An Unwinnable War: Australia in Afghanistan” by Karen Middleton, and saying that “we’ll stay the course”.  The Herald Sun gave a fuller explanation.


This is a more detailed feature story on joint AUS/US military planning for interoperability.  The AUSMIN sign-off this month is a next step.


I reckon we ought mobilise and draw attention against this manifestation of empire.

I reckon a creative, dynamic, and powerful action against HQJOC at Bungendore in April 2012 would be a very useful thing to do.

I reckon we can combine it with a prior national gathering at the Australian Quaker Centre, which would include participation at the ANZAC Eve Peace Vigil on 24 April.

What do you think?