I (mostly) love my day in Court!

Well, things aren’t getting any quieter around here.  I was arrested by Rockhampton CIB on Friday and charged with “threatening an aircraft” under section 24 of the Aviation (crimes) Act.  It’s an indictable offence carrying a penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment.  I’m to appear in Rockhampton Magistrate’s Court on Monday 25 July, which is real good timing for me.  Margaret appears then too, in relation to her arrest last night.

Peace Bro!

It was a bit confronting to have it happen on Friday, which was NAIDOC Day – a day set aside for doing solidarity work/relaxation with no actions or confrontations re Talisman sabre.  I suppose from the Police perspective now’s a good time to constrain me and impose bail conditions (or lock me up).  I’m proud of my truth-telling in the police interview – which you can find here: http://www.filefactory.com/file/cc4a56d/n/Bryan_s_CIB_interview_part_1.mp3

(It’s a bit fiddly to download, but best we can for now)

Before I describe some of Yesterday’s events, I want to mention a memorial service held for WW2 US and Australian troops at a bush chapel just outside Rockhampton.  The readings referred to Isaiahs ploughshares prophecy, and to John 15:12 “love one another”.   https://www.cairnspeacebypeace.org/?page_id=1185

Yesterday was major fun at the people’s open day for Talisman Sabre.  Police had an extensive presence aimed at controlling our behaviour, but the outcome gave us access to every citizen going in to the open day event.  I dressed up in a tuxedo, a death’s head mask, and the Bob Katter Hat, and held aloft a copy of the maimed child that Jim Dowling made a focus of the Pine Gap actions.  It was a real thrill to see how many citizens recognised and responded to my costume – and looked at the hideous picture.

Jeanette ans Sister

There was street theatre, peace balloons, participation from celebrated Darambul elder Jeanette Yoh Yeh, and a real good vibe as we put peace front and centre before war.  Jim Dowling was arrested for preaching the gospel, but was given a move-on direction rather than being charged.  Hundreds and thousands of mainstream people, and they ALL got the message.  https://www.cairnspeacebypeace.org/?page_id=1194 We did some media too.

So for me the prep work has achieved its aims.  We’ve created a genuine presence and debate inside Rockhampton before the war-games start.  Now we’re going to move on the direct action front.

Margaret Pestorius was magnificent last night as she forced the police to arrest her by insisting that she be allowed to use her tickets to enter the ball.  There weren’t any media there, but there were 15 activists, including two locals, who are prepared to undertake direct action over the next two week.  Margaret set an inspiring example.  https://www.cairnspeacebypeace.org/?page_id=1201

I just want to go to the ball.

Things are going very well.  Stay posted for more news as it breaks.

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  1. Once again great work. I’m amazed at all the actions you and the team are creating. I’m a little envious that I’m not there challenging myself to be ‘fully alive. Keep hail and healthy and enjoy all the experiences.

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