Media Reports – Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

16 June

These texts appeared after I “stormed” the Council chamber and confronted Mayor Carter. The reactionary bunch has re-emerged! Hooray! The personal abuse is a bit of a drag, but the tactic of confronting a (deeply unpopular)  Mayor will keep the story “hot” for the duration.

17 June

The story on the right is inaccurate on several key points. I was never abusive. I didn’t threaten to “bring down a helicopter”. I calmy explained how I was gunna try and smash one that was already on the ground. I’m taking the matter up with Editor Fraser Pearce, and looking for a retraction.

The story on the left comes out of the Senate Estimates Committee, courtesy of LNP Senator Ian McDonald.  Felicity Hill of Scott Ludlum’s office alerted us to it.  With Houston, Carter, McDonald and me all talking about Talisman Sabre and the war in Afghanistan – this might just be the beginning of a public debate.