Signposts on the road to TS11

I’m pretty happy with how events are unfolding in Rockhampton.  Graeme is going great with the Byfield/Yeppoon connection.  Most things are going well in Rockhampton.  See this letter for more information..

Police & civic leaders outside St Paul's Anglican Cathedral, after the memorial service for DSC Leeding 7 June 2011

There’s a spirit afoot (perhaps the Holy Spirit) that’s creating a little vortex of synchronicity and serendipity in Rockhampton.  I was able to show Kerri Duffy and Brian Heenan that John 15: 12-14 – which was the feature of the second reading in Damian’s service – is also the passage of scripture carried all the time by Peace Trike.

Here’s a surveillance picture of Rockhampton Airport, showing a possible path of entry.  I look forward to feeling the spirit move.

Can I make it all that way across without being detected?

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