On the road to Buckle St

Well here I am in Rockhampton.  Where it’s colder than it was in Cairns.

I’m about to enjoy a winter activist experience.  There is plenty of water through Shoalwater Bay (the exercise area this year is restricted because of it).

I enjoyed the road trip down, and I’ve enjoyed a quiet settling-in process at my new place in Park Avenue (the seedy end).

I’ll be posting a page about organising issues.  Today I’m lodging a couple of Peaceful Assembly notifications.

Meanwhile a  momento of the road trip to what I’m calling Franz Jaegerstaetter House.  A place to experiment with nonviolent direct action in July 2011.

One thought on “On the road to Buckle St”

  1. Hey there Bryan!

    Sorry I missed your farewell, hope you had a decent send-off none the less 🙂 Good luck with your exploits, I will be following with interest and geek-good-wishes!


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