Lantern Making Workshop

Peace by Peace is organising an ANZAC Eve vigil for Easter Sunday.

In conjunction with the australian Quaker Centre, and a peace crew in Canberra, the vigil is going to be lit with candle lanterns.

Margaret shows off a few of her lanterns

We’re having a get together at the Digger St Arts Collective on 26 and 27 March to repair some lanterns, and make some more.  105 – 107 Digger St North Cairns from 10.00 am.

26 March is also the day on which Earth Hour takes place, so the lanterns we have ready that day will be displayed at a community event in City Place that evening.

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  1. going to visit Emilia in Townsville this weekend. Wanted to come and help. What else can I do to assist??????????????

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