TS11 11-29 July @ Shoalwater Bay

US military helicopter at Rockhampton Airport during TS09

Exercise Talisman Sabre 2011 will be conducted 18 to 29 July 2011.  There will be a strong peace presence at Rockhampton, Byfield, and Shoalwater Bay.

TS11 will be similar in scale and intensity to Talisman Sabre 2009 and previous Joint exercises with the US since 1999.   TS11 is scheduled to involve up to approximately 30,000 Australian and US personnel. Manoeuvring and live firing elements associated with TS11 will be conducted over a two week period from18 to 29 July 2011. A “period for the consolidation and preparation of troops prior to more intensive periods of training” begins on 11 July 2011.

Peace activists are invited to converge in and around Shoalwater Bay for cultural and interventionary action between 11 and 29 July 2011.

Many peace activities are planned.  More information about that can be found at Peace Convergence.  That site explains a set of organising principles that most of us think are appropriate to contemporary circumstances.

I am preparing to conduct a ploughshares action at Rockhampton Airport between 18 and 29 July 2011, aimed at disabling a US military helicopter.

One thought on “TS11 11-29 July @ Shoalwater Bay”

  1. Pretty good work there, Bryan. See how sneaky those Americans are? They put the word “Canada” and paint the Canadian insignia on the side of their helicopters thinking that Aussies can be misled so easily. But you’re much too smart to be fooled by such tricks!

    I guess your “ploughshares” action will be directed against all the helicopters marked “Canada”, then! Good on’ya Bryan. Keep up the good work!

    [Sarcasm off]

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