Waihopai Ploughshares Acquitted

Eye-witness account

The Jury went out to consider its verdict at 3.45 pm Wellington time on Wed 17 march 2010.  The returned to deliver their verdict just two hours later.

Not Guilty for all defendents on all charges.

The judge thanked the jury for doing their duty and discharged them.  The court was packed, and when the defendents were allowed to leave the dock, the public gallery erupted into vigorous applause.  The same applause was given the jury after they were discharged and leaving the court.

It would be fair to say that everyone in the Court, from the Judge on down, felt this verdict was a worthy example of the Jury’s power to decide on the facts.

I published this report with scoop just before the verdict was reached.  It tells about the prosecution’s closing address, which we no see failed in its objective.

After the verdict  I went to the celebration Party at the Leason farm outside Otaki.

The following day I filed this report on the closings, and Judge’s directions

My full complement of Court reports can be found through that link, or on the trial pages of this Blog, in the “Waihopi” nest.

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