Day 7 about to start (public)

Hey groovers,

District Court no 3 in Wellington’s Ballance St has been closed to the public for one day and a half.  Judge Harrop has been hearing argument from Counsel, and has made his decisions aboutthe shape and scope of the trial.  In just over half an hour he will tell the jury and the public what those decisions are, and any remaining evidence will resume.

After all the evidence is given, the Prosecution and defence Counsel will give their closing address.

Then the judge “sums up” the case (by going through all the evidence in summary form, being careful to include all key elements), and then gives his directions (instructs the jury on what things the law requires them to consider and decide upon in coming to their verdict).

Finally the jury is sent out to deliberate, and if all goes well return a verdict.

If the jury convicts, there is a sentencing process to follow.

The trial will most likely take up the rest of this week, and may spill into next.

I’ll report on the Judge’s decisions this evening, and my feeling is they will be significant – both for the defendents, and for the processes of law in this country.

For gamblers, I’m still prepared to bet against a conviction.  Any takers?

One thought on “Day 7 about to start (public)”

  1. Hi Bryan,
    nope I’m with you – just from following your (& the others) blog I’m reconing that all that heart & integrity must have its own effect.
    And a big hello-long-time-no-see to you!

    Followed you and Jim and Culley @ Shoalwater and was moved….. but this….
    Bryan maybe you said it as a joke – something like
    “whod a thunk it at this stage in life” or some such –
    but I think that’s very good writing (the blogs I mean)

    I read it on Sat morn and I just cried – & not a little bit of crying. Thanks Bryan for putting me there & keeping it real.

    The ability to keep yourself out of the prose is a real skill – keep it up. Maybe one day we’ll see the Lawington Post.

    Take care to get that rest you needed.

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