Day 5, Waihopai trial

Adi Leason and Sam land pray as the dome comes down

From your correspondent in Christchurch.

My first report for scoop can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Day 5, Waihopai trial”

  1. Good to see your reports are able to continue Bryan. They are so much more useful than the little that is in the mainstream media, and even NZ Catholic (the largest catholic publication in NZ).

    Please pass on our prayers to Sam, Adi and Fr Peter. Specifically praying for the jury to be guided by the Holy Spirit to an acquittal! :)

  2. I am new to following this courtroom drama. Your blog was more informative, but Scoop will have to do for now, obviously.
    I will be adding my prayers for continued courage and shining love.

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