Back on Track

Kia Ora

There’s a web-based news service in Aotearoa called Scoop

Alastair Thompson asked me if I’d assist them to report the trial, and he wrote a measured letter to Judge Harrop asking for me to be allowed to do so, subject to editorial surety that I would be informed about, and abide by NZ court reporting rules.

Judge Harrop agreed to this, and I am now an accredited scoop reporter for the trial.  I’m allowed to sit at the media table and take notes.  Who’da thunkit?  A new career at my time of life.

I’ll file from now on with scoop, and after they’ve published I’ll update this blog.

The defendents have all finished giving evidence and being cross-examined.  I’m exhausted and going off for a big sleep, so start looking for my coverage of today’s proceedings in about 24 hours.  Meanwhile the scoop reporter from Wednesday wrote a pretty cool and sympathetic background piece here.

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