Jury being empanelled now

A beautiful morning in Wellington

Well, the trial process has started, but its venue – Court 3 of the District Court at Ballance St in Wellington – is presntly closed to the public while the Jury is being selected and empannelled.
I’ve counted 3 television networks and 12 media workers altogether waiting at the Courtroom doors, along with 40 supporters and family waiting for admittance.
Over the road another 60 or so are gathered singing and vigilling.
Peter, Adi and Sam are all in good spirits, and were bouyed by the procession of more than 100 from the Cenotaph to the Court.
Peter, as an ordained Dominican priest is the leading public figure, and as I understand it will be representing himself during trial.  Adi and sam each have legal representation, and the principle task in front of them is to get the waihopai three an opportunity to call a range of expert witnesses on hand.
As I understand it, the defendents want to run a necessity defence, while the lawyers also want to test the prosecution case.  All would like to win acquittals, but the three are personnaly prepared for conviction, and willing to do time in prison if it comes to that.
It’s a fine, even glorious day in Wellington.  The spirit is with us.

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